Authentic Bhaang ki Chutney

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Bhaang ki Chutney

Originally from the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Bhaang ki Chutney is a popular mountain cuisine. This chutney is made with roasted Bhang seeds (Hemp Seeds), garlic, ginger, coriander, green chilli peppers, cumin, and lemon juice, and it is highly hot, delicious, and spicy. Local specialties like singhara (water chestnut) pakoras, kachoris, or samosas are often served with bhaang ki chutney as a dipping sauce because it can be prepared quickly and just needs components that are usually found at home. Hemp leaves are a key ingredient in Bhaang ki Chutney, but they differ from marijuana leaves, which have higher THC concentrations and are commonly used for recreational purposes, so the chutney is typically consumed in the summer, when the temperature is at its highest. In contrast, hemp leaves, which contain significantly less THC, are used in a wide variety of traditional cuisines and medical systems.

  • Origin: Uttarakhand, India
  • Category: Bhaang ki Chutney is a Pahari Vegetarian Condiment which is considered Condiment
  • Ingredient: Hemp Seeds (Bhaang), Spices are treated as main ingredients for this recipe. Other ingredients used are
  • Time and Flavour: This recipe takes approx 20-30 mins and the flavour is Spicy and Tangy
  • Nutritional Information: Bhaang ki Chutney contains 70 kcal calories per 100 g serving. This serving contains g of fat, 1 g of protein and 10 g of carbohydrate. The latter is 5 g sugar and 2 g of dietary fiber, the rest is other nutritional component. [ These values may vary based on ingredients used and its quantity ]
Authentic Bhaang ki Chutney

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Details Of Bhaang ki Chutney

'Bhaang ki Chutney,’ also known as 'Hemp Seed Chutney,’ is a unique and traditional Pahari condiment from the hilly regions of India, particularly Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. This chutney is distinctive due to its main ingredient: hemp seeds. To prepare Bhaang ki Chutney, hemp seeds are roasted to enhance their nutty flavor and then ground into a paste. The paste is combined with various spices and flavorings, which can include garlic, green chilies, coriander, tamarind pulp, and local herbs. Some variations may also include yogurt or mustard oil to adjust the consistency and taste.

The resulting chutney boasts a rich and earthy flavor profile, with the hemp seeds providing a delightful nuttiness. It can range in spiciness depending on the amount of green chilies used. Bhaang ki Chutney is often served as a condiment alongside traditional Pahari dishes like 'Sidu’ (steamed wheat bread) or 'Chana Madra’ (chickpea curry). This chutney holds cultural significance in Pahari cuisine, reflecting the use of locally available ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. While the name might evoke associations with cannabis due to the word 'bhaang,’ it’s important to note that this chutney is made from hemp seeds, which do not contain the psychoactive compounds found in cannabis. Bhaang ki Chutney showcases the region’s culinary creativity and the appreciation for flavors that are both distinctive and deeply rooted in local culture.

Ingredients Used In Bhaang ki Chutney

  • Hemp Leaves [ भांग पत्ता ], 1 Cup
    → Fresh.
  • Garlic [ लहसुन ], 4-5 Cloves
  • Ginger Peeled [ अदरक छीला हुआ ], 1 Piece
    → As Desired.
  • Coriander Leaves [ धनिया पत्ता ], A few Grams
    → Few From A Little Bunch.
  • Green Chili [ हरी मिर्च ], 2-3 Pieces
    → As Desired.
  • Cumin Seeds [ जीरा ], 1 Tablespoon
  • Lemon Juice [ नींबू का रस ], 10 Milliliter
    → From 1/2 A Lemon.
  • Salt [ नमक ], As desired


Method for preparing Bhaang ki Chutney

  • Remove any stems or harsh portions from the hemp leaves after washing them.
  • Hemp leaves, garlic cloves, ginger, coriander leaves, green chilli peppers, cumin seeds, and salt should all be combined in a blender or food processor. Once everything is fully combined and finely minced, pulse.
  • Add lemon juice and pulse once more to achieve the desired consistency for the chutney. You can add a little water if it’s too thick.
  • If necessary, taste and adjust the seasoning.
  • Serve the chutney with your favourite snacks or meals after transferring it to a serving bowl.
  • Although a food processor or blender can be used for convenience, bhaang ki chutney is typically prepared using a mortar and pestle to pound the ingredients together.

Health Benefits Of Bhaang ki Chutney

Ayurvedic medicine has used the traditional meal bhaang ki chutney for its medicinal properties. The following are some possible health advantages of this chutney:

  • As it provides a cooling effect on the body, Bhaang ki Chutney is typically consumed in the summer. This could lessen the risk of heat-related disorders including heat stroke.
  • Ingredients with anti-inflammatory qualities include cumin, ginger, and garlic, which are found in bhaang ki chutney. These qualities might lessen bodily inflammation and ease the symptoms of inflammatory diseases including asthma and arthritis.
  • Immune-stimulating – The garlic in Bhaang ki Chutney is a natural immune stimulant that may aid in the prevention of infections and the improvement of immunological function in general.
  • Digestive assistance – Bhaang ki Chutney's cumin and ginger may also aid in better digestion. Ginger is well known for its ability to reduce nausea and encourage bowel movement, and cumin has been found to improve the activity of digestive enzymes.
  • Antioxidant-rich Coriander, which is a component of Bhaang ki Chutney, is a source of antioxidants that may help shield the body from the harm that free radicals can do to cells.

Although these components may offer some health benefits, it's crucial to keep in mind that everyone's experience may vary, and they must be consumed in moderation as a part of a balanced diet. If you have any specific health issues or concerns, it's recommended to speak with a healthcare provider.

To Conclude

Pahari 'Bhaang ki Chutney' is a dish that exemplifies the boldness and innovation that characterises the cuisine of the region. The hemp seeds, spices, and regional flavours used to create this one-of-a-kind condiment represent the complementary forces of nature and culture. 'Bhaang ki Chutney' demands a delicate balance of ingredients, displaying the skill of Pahari cooks in developing a unique flavour profile that awakens the senses. The chutney isn't only a tasty condiment; it also has cultural value and is traditionally served at celebrations. It's proof that the Pahari have the skills to make something delicious out of something completely out of the ordinary. Aside from the delicious flavours, each bite also reveals the ingenuity that is central to Pahari culture. More than just a condiment, 'Bhaang ki Chutney' is a symbol of the region's ability to elevate the mundane to the sublime, forever altering the culinary and cultural landscapes with its unique flavour profile.

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